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Calcium supplementation in children but also to supplement vitamin d

  "many parents find even find child supplement rich in calcium, still the phenomenon of calcium deficiency. Experts pointed out that child is the root cause of lack of vitamin d to calcium deficiency, parents only calcium without vitamin d supplementation, is putting the cart before the practice.
calcium/> illusion of beautiful eyes
"rickets? She's not calcium deficiency, rickets? "In the first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the first affiliated hospital of medical sciences) Pediatrics Clinic to check her 2 year old daughter, on the doctor's diagnosis was very surprised. From her birth, Ms HO, for fear that the child lacks calcium, milk, calcium does not fall, but did not think her daughter is suffering from rickets.
and what ladies exists also doubts of parents also has many, River ladies with 1 age more of twins son to medical freshman attached hospital pediatric diagnosis and treatment Shi, brothers both of rickets has compared serious, River ladies concerns to said, children 6 months big Shi, just appeared rickets of problem, she on with he to local hospital see had, doctor at only said is deficiency calcium, fill fill calcium on good has, but fill has big half has, brothers both of symptoms instead of no reduce, instead also aggravated has.
calcium and vitamin d are not the same
"rickets is not lack of calcium do? We are not short of money, you can buy the most expensive, the best calcium, which few bucks a bottle of cod liver oil, can cure it? "With a doctor's prescription, she wondered, her 1-year-olds have a mild form of rickets, the son of the doctor a couple of bottle of cod liver oil, and told she must adhere to the kids.
Medical Director of the first affiliated hospital, the pediatric ward three Luo Jianming said, like Ms Wu's question, he often heard at the reception. Now, the enormous marketing calcium supplements and calcium awareness of people, but very few people mention vitamin d. Children although doctors prescribe Vitamin d and cod liver oil (contains a lot of vitamin d), but due to lack of awareness amongst parents of the importance of vitamin d, often not strictly insisted on giving children vitamin d supplements, it turned its focus to buying their children a variety of calcium to the calcium.
Luo Jianming stated that this knowledge and practices is wrong. Guangxi is the high incidence of rickets in children, every day in the outpatient can see several children with rickets, and parents generally designated "rickets caused by a shortage of calcium" point of view, but in reality is an illusion. Rickets, commonly known as calcium deficiency, is caused by vitamin d deficiency disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, a disease of poor bone calcification and its underlying causes is the lack of vitamin d to help calcium cannot be absorbed and presented "calcium" appearance. Analysis of

calcium deficiency is "fruit"   vitamin d deficiency is ""
though they emphasized that "calcium", but not only calcium supplementation. Luo Jianming vividly, and vitamin d helps the body absorb calcium and promotes bone growth and important vitamins, eat calcium to be absorbed, vitamin d is essential to any participation. Body like a functioning factory, calcium is the production and processing of raw materials, while vitamin d is the key to the factory gates, if the door does not open, no matter how much supplementary material, can't ship to play a role in the factory and the factory cannot operate because of lack of raw materials, there will be problems. Therefore, the root causes of rickets is a lack of vitamin d, calcium deficiency is a result.
Director of the maternal and child health hospital, Nanning city, said Yan Yunying, breast milk contains more calcium and milk, but the levels of vitamin d in breast milk and cow's milk is rare, and cannot meet the needs of infants, so that vitamin d supplementation is more important.
children vitamin d supplements, the most commonly used method is to eat cod liver oil (vitamin AD concentrate drops). Full moon from the child should start to eat and eat until 2 years old. However, Yan Yunying also suggest that when parents give their children vitamin d supplements, it is best to hospital for physical assessment to determine the amount of vitamin d recommended children. In General, when taking cod liver oil, must have a good amount, that is, taking 400 international units of vitamin d a day, maximum of 800 international units. First affiliated hospital of medical West hospital pediatric Department Director Wei Qiuwen recommends that children eat more vitamin d-rich animal foods such as liver, seafood is also very useful.
in the Sun is an important way to vitamin d supplements, said Wei Qiuwen, Sun can provide the body needs vitamin d, because the Sun's ultraviolet rays can make the skin synthesis of vitamin d, let them roast for an hour or two a day of Sun, very necessary. But need to be aware of is that synthesis of vitamin d through sun exposure area, skin synthetic growth factors such as restrictions on time. Nanning is located in the subtropical zone, ultraviolet radiation strongly, so parents need to know according to the intensity of sunlight to choose a suitable site, such as when the sunlight is strong in the summer, selected by 10 o'clock in the morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, not sunburned skin.
children vitamin d supplements, the most commonly used method is to eat cod-liver oil, full moon from the child should start to eat and eat until 2 years old.

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