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Sun what precautions

  Sun is the best vitamin d "Activator", had a wet spring, many mothers can't wait to take their children out of the Sun to help baby's healthy growth of bones.
in fact, the Sun is a science, and how to select the right time.
1, select the appropriate time.
child after the full moon, usually held outdoors in the Sun. Time to 6-10 is appropriate, when infrared rays from the Sun strong, UV is weak, can promote metabolism; 4-5 p x beam components in UV, promotes intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and enhance physical fitness, promotes proper bone calcification.
needs to be emphasized is that, no matter which season, at 10 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock in the afternoon, especially at noon until 4 o'clock in the afternoon this time, very sensitive to the Sun for a long time, because this time the strongest ultraviolet rays from the Sun will cause harm to the skin. Sunning at a time depending on the length of time with the baby age, gradual and may consist of more than 10 minutes, gradually increasing to 1-2 hours.
or 15-30 minutes at a time, several times a day, such as baby's skin turns red, excessive sweating, accelerated pulse should go home immediately and give a refreshing drink or light salt water or baby brush with warm water. Also a little, to the shade to rest for a while.
2, do not give your baby to wear too much.
the mother took the baby when the Sun, afraid the baby cold, wearing a hat, gloves and a face mask to the child, but the Sun can hardly achieve the purpose because ultraviolet rays of the spring sun is much weaker than the summer, ultraviolet radiation through clothing and then reaches the skin it is difficult. To the baby in the Sun should be according to the temperature conditions, exposed skin as much as possible.
in addition, clothing too thick in the Sun activities easy to sweat, sweat cold wind.
3, pay attention to exposure sites.
should avoid direct sunlight on the head or behind the glass in the Sun. Mother afraid of baby hair, often behind the glass, let the baby in the Sun, don't you know that ultraviolet rays penetrate the glass was weak and most of the UV-blocking out, thus reducing the effect of the Sun.
4, don't shower before the Sun.
in the Sun would not be suitable for fasting, it's best not to bathe the baby. A bath can be activated vitamin d synthesis in the skin of human body materials "7-dehydro-cholesterol" wash away, reduced the role of promote the body's absorption of calcium.


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