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Six of these conditions do not give the baby a bath

  baby clean is important, but six cases, it's best not to bathe the baby, so as not to affect the baby's health.
1, not to bathe after vaccination.
after the baby had shot, the skin will stay invisible pinhole when bathing makes pinhole contamination.
2, not to take a bath in case of frequent vomiting and diarrhea.
bath time inevitably carry the baby, which causes vomiting, do not pay attention could result in vomitus aspiration.
3, fever or fever within 48 hours of bathing is not recommended.
give fever baby shower, it is easy to make the baby appear chills, convulsions and some will even happen; not proper shower sometimes closes the pores of the skin cause body temperature higher, sometimes makes hyperemia skin capillaries, resulting in inadequate blood supply to the baby's major organs of the body. In addition, the poor baby's resistance after heating, bath is immediately vulnerable to cold-induced fever again, it claims fever after 48 hours to give the baby a bath.
4, occurred when the baby skin lesions that would not be suitable for bathing.
baby has skin lesions, such as Impetigo, boils, Burns, trauma, not suitable for bathing. Local wound because of skin damage, bathe the wound spread or contamination.
5, breast-feeding, you can't immediately take a bath.
feeding immediately after bathing, it makes more blood flow to the skin is stimulated by hot water expansion vessels, while the relative reduction in the blood supply to the abdominal cavity, this can affect the baby's digestion. Secondly because after feeding your baby's stomach is expanded, a bath at once can easily lead to vomiting. So bathing should normally be 1-2 hours after feeding.
6, low birth weight infants careful bath.
low birth weight infants usually refers to the babies of birth weight less than 2500 grams. These babies are premature, due to the immaturity of and living ability, subcutaneous fat, thin, thermoregulatory function, is vulnerable to changes in ambient temperature temperature fluctuations. So for that special baby carefully to decide whether to give a bath.
factors inherent in deciding whether to give the baby a bath in addition to the baby itself, but limited by the surrounding environment. Ambient temperature 26~28℃ is appropriate to the baby shower, the water temperature in 40~42℃.
in fact, most cases can be washed! time to a parent with baby bath is good Oh, Hey, increase feelings!


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