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Interest is the children learn best teacher

  East: interest is the best teacher of children.
Fan Jiangguo: because there are interesting, so I love to learn. Son Dong
When you talk to parents, talking about children's learning problems, I say most of the sentence is: "interest is the best teacher. "I always mention this word, because I had experience.
took me personally, familiar to my readers all know that child only 6 years, devaluation of the degree in today's era, was a native of illiteracy. Who would put "illiterate" and "writing" connected? Be honest, at first I didn't dare to think they will use writing as a career, not just because they read too little, no culture, but also because at that time his writing showed little talent.
of school spirit that although my head is, math scores have been good, but my writing stinks, read 6 books, compositions that had never been praised by the teacher. Other students essays as models in the class by the teacher read aloud, such "Awards" for me is only in a dream.
, however, is one such language always fail, wrote wrong a lot of illiterates, venture to tap literature Palace door, has not only turned his words into type, but also to write a book, eat by writing "scholar", was eventually dubbed "writer" name. Depends on what? Now think about it, is of interest.
I received news of the force of trainers, you wrote a little punctuated only 66 words, even in the political Department of the Shenyang military region organized by the forward newspaper published! Get the newspaper that published his article, I see again and again, the feeling of accomplishment is so strongly accumulating in my mind. Excited, I found out that writing is a funny thing, as farmers grow food, sowing the seed, after hard work, then there's the joy of harvesting.
so interest was stimulated, and not charge, again refused to put down his pen. With the increasing of published works, my strength is growing, their verbal and written communication skills are constantly improving, writing skills improved, gradually formed a kind of virtuous circle, to subsequently seems to have been a force in driving I kept writing. If a certain period of time without writing, I will feel something missing in your life. Now, write to me, has become more than just a survival needs, and become a psychological need.
in this way, as are interested in writing, I through continuous learning, reading, comprehension, graffiti, until on the road to professional writing. Obviously, interest in a person's learning, work, plays a large role in life!
interest is the best teacher. So, no matter what I do, I have repeatedly stressed that "interest" term. Learning without "interest".
parents, the most troubling thing is the kids don't like to learn. For those not serious about child, parents often have to think hard, swing makes sense, for example, to make him understand the importance of learning; or get angry at him, with heavy-handed, punitive measures, and forced him to learn. However, the effect of carrot and stick is often not obvious. Many children were either tired of or dawdle, inefficient, or simply let you abuse, is to learn ... ... For such children, we lose. In fact children themselves are not happy, because in their opinion, is a painful thing, to learn from them, apparently they suffer torture.
to "suffering" as "happy", a fundamental way, cultivating their interest in learning.
interest plays a huge role in children's study.
first, stimulated his enthusiasm for learning cultural knowledge. For a child, to be interested in a course, he assiduously, and creative thinking, which would not only his grades improved, but will also significantly improve learning methods, improve the efficiency of learning. So, "I want to learn" of consciousness. In this way, passive learning of children will turn into active knowledge, interest in school will be transformed into desire.
interest in learning, many of them I give her incentive, especially in language. New school favorite is math, followed by English and, finally, languages, although Chinese is good, but the lack of interest. Because her message and write letters and diaries are good, so I took the opportunity to inspire her and appreciated her good at Chinese, to write such a good word. In particular, I encouraged her to contribute, in newspaper writing, passion and enthusiasm for Chinese learning of children's writing more. I told her to stimulate the students ' interest, only today when the Chinese representatives and writing a book.
Second, interested, motivated, and in the process of learning, the child's psychological activity will be active, and active thinking, concentration, high spirits, feel relaxed and happy, even high intensity for a long time to learn, never tired.
now just turned 13 years old, has published two books, considered by many to be kid language talent interested in good, in fact, is not of interest to most Chinese, mathematics in primary school, to junior high school were chemistry, so the two grades are good, especially chemistry and took the first grade.
third, driven by interest, developing children's intelligence will be effectively, your vision will become more open, knowledge will increasingly rich. Because only interested in learning, to point and focus on mental activities in the learning object, makes sense active, observant and detailed memory durable and accurate, quick thinking and rich, stimulate internal motivation and reinforcement learning, so as to maximize performance and intelligence, and broaden their horizons.
all in all, when you learn one interesting thing, it will be easy and enjoyable. So, to help children with happy learning, our parents must spare no effort to develop children's interest in learning.
I have always maintained that, for parents, and important task is not to instill in them how much knowledge, but to develop the child's learning abilities and interests in the first place. Gave him the "golden touch" ability gives him eagerly wanted to explore the mystery of desire, he is immersed in the joy of learning for life.
so we do every day, not just to impart knowledge, but to find ways to stimulate children's interest in learning, be good at inspire and activate the child's thinking, guide children into learning with great enthusiasm. Fan Jiangguo---
daughter not my father "interested" understood so deeply, but my "interest" this little thing is a little bit about it!
numbers I think math is like 10 naughty cute Elf, they danced in a formula, singing in the exercises, performed a fun show for us, regardless of the performance was not a success, I love those cute little elves, like their performances every game.
you don't see me out of the book, but my psyche, still like maths, although some math problems can be difficult, sometimes spent more than an hour because of a question of time, but I am not afraid of difficulties. Only difficult temper can progress. Maths is the same, do 100 simple problems than do what a problem upgrading capacity. Learning mathematics can not only learn the knowledge in real-life applications, but it is still very fun!
my favorite math advantage is that it enables the application to learn in life. Once home to go out on a picnic, in my Active "in contention" to buy food and it fell on my head. Happily all the way to the supermarket, after my carefully chosen, Staples bought, only buy snacks, I strode to the snack Cabinet and wondering: potato chips is buy a bag worth the price or buy two bags worth it? Hesitated of I reminds packaging bags Shang not are has net content logo you, so I took up a big bags of potato tablets, carefully studied up: big bags potato tablets a bags has 500 grams, to three block money; small bags has 300 grams, to two block five, so big bags in of potato tablets price for 0.006 Yuan a grams, and small bags in of potato tablets price for more than 0.008 more Yuan a grams. So, buying larger bags than to buy a small bag deal. Get the results I was pleased to take a big bag of potato chips, home ... ...
in fact, not only in mathematics, no matter which section, if you are interested in it and to take it seriously, which everybody can learn will pleasantly surprise you, has its appeal.


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