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How to cultivate children's ability to adapt

kids with child contact new environment into a strange environment will not know what, not into. For such children, parents should always take them to the new environment, allows children to discover new and interesting things, which increase a child's ability to adapt to the environment. Parents let their children make friends in a new environment, let the children get on with friends, improve their ability to adapt to the environment.
parents can let their children in familiar surroundings to reach more people, such as when a child successfully and others, then take the kids out of the House. When children enter the new environment is not used when parents hold their children's hands, the child's head to encourage children to adapt their State in the full sense of the environment.
as a child, Yuanyuan was a hate being out of the kid, even to relatives, she will feel very awkward, to relatives, she would not greet people, but good to hide behind my mother, I think this is bad for children, decided to take the kids out to play, made her appearance.
, mother often takes her to the Park, children's playground and other crowded places to play and teach your child about proper etiquette. Slowly, Yuanyuan open a lot, do not feel at home in the new environment.
then, Yuanyuan into kindergartens, primary schools, can quickly adapt and become one with the teachers and classmates.
in the child as a child, parents to guide their children try to get used to strangers and unfamiliar place, often taking them to the door, or go to the Park and amusement park, encourage children to participate in social activities, providing children the opportunity to play with friends.
children to be exposed to new environments, and parents to help children recognize the new environment of fun, children have the curiosity and courage, they will quickly adapt to the new environment.
when a child in the new environment, meet new friends, parents encourage and praise should be appropriate, let the children acquire positive emotional experience, consciously participating in a new environment, better to communicate with others, to obtain the ideal relationships.
II: learning more counselling in order to adapt to the teacher
children from families walk into school, due to the strict provisions of, as well as learning new and different schedule, child is difficult to adapt to the new environment is understandable.
at the same time, the child may agree that a teacher's teaching methods from the heart, once got a new teacher, not adapted to the situation of children occurs. When this situation occurs, the parents have to learn more guidance to the child, let the child to adapt to the teacher.
with the same school this year for the language teacher, the teacher she had been like before, so grades are good. But new for the language teacher's teaching style and the teacher's style is not the same as before, therefore, are not used.
because he couldn't adapt to the teacher's teaching method, with the same enthusiasm is not high, grades are not ideal, in a recent test scores had failed the first time. After her mother knew, was in a hurry, she should let the child learn to adapt to a different teacher.
mother and child explain learning is its own thing, and the teacher didn't make much difference, and different teachers have different advantages, thinking about the good teachers, learning to adapt to the environment there is no help. Children in the mother's help and guidance, adjusted itself, academic performance has gradually improved.
parents to understand their child's learning, found that children's learning difficulties in a timely manner, based on their own experience and grasp of textbook knowledge to children, guide and help the child effectively.
study in the school of life, to teach children to appreciate a different teacher, respected teacher, do not exclude different teachers teaching in his mind, so it will be faster to adapt to the school environment and teacher. When children have learning difficulties have a puzzle on a certain subject, then the opinion to the teacher when parents have to help your child correct bias attitude, for children to tell the truth, correcting a child's psychology, not to let negative emotions affect a child's learning.
develop the child's psychological adaptability in today's fierce competition in the social, psychological quality of often determines the success of child life, study, work, and the core of psychological quality, is psychological resilience. It can improve children's overall quality, plays a key role. Only children have a good mental ability to adapt, in order to better adapt to the social environment, reflects positively to their environment.
many children see their loved ones, it will soon become one, but for the people they don't like, they refused to associate with him, and some children, faced with the new situation will produce fear, I do not know how to be a good mood, it is a manifestation of child mental resilience is not strong. Mental adaptability is the child's psychological problems, reflecting the children face a new environment of thoughts, emotions, behavior and ability to control. Want better integration into the new group, you must have a strong mental adaptability.
parents to train and exercise for your child's interpersonal skills so that children develop awareness of compliance with norms, co-operative and habit. Create opportunities as much as possible, let your child to overcome psychological problems, understand the ideas and practices of the majority, of course, this is not to ask children to give up personality, but a way to know how to get along with people.
parents take steps to teach the people tolerant and open-minded attitude, it will also help the child get along better with people.
method: proper isolation
when children leave their parents and children, is prone to anxiety, even crying, suggesting that children do not have parents be disturbed for the environment, they don't want to live alone in a new environment. Insecure children when parents out of their sight, would be at a loss, this is bad for a child's development. Therefore, parents should set up and children appropriate separation of consciousness, appropriate to the child's eye "disappear" for a while.
on a daily basis, parents can be observed near, when the children need help, give them appropriate guidance, but don't interfere with their activities sometimes temporary, but clearly told them, my mother left, will be back for a while, it can make the child feel safe, accepted from the psychology and the separation of parents.
children enter kindergarten and primary schools, and separated from their parents, if the parents are overly dependent, children have difficulty adapting to the new environment. Parents not to keep your kids at all times, and to give children appropriate space and time, let the children in a world where parents learn to be independent.
method: let the child learn to control negative emotions
children's emotions will determine a child's personality and work attitude, will determine whether harmonious interpersonal relations, personality is perfect. Parents Moody child should be given an appropriate degree of care and understanding, teaching children how to regulate emotions.
Ark today gym class and play a game with other students, but in the process of playing the game, he just is not very angry, has just lost his temper, but he controlled his emotions, just patiently said, "so many students waiting for you in the class, you have to take care of people's emotion. "Persuaded by
in the Ark, has just changed their views, and we happily playing together. Ark glad that they are not just angry, and if so, just will not work.
parents to educate their children objective view of the world, children open, easy stable mood. For example, if a child is not ideal, it is necessary to guide the child to learn to face up to the reality, to continue their efforts; if the child has trouble, let kids learn to talk, often to communicate with parents and friends, to regulate their emotions by way of talking.
when in a bad mood, and is unable to adapt themselves, or were temporarily distracted by children, do the things they are interested in, this can also be bad feelings.
parents should let kids learn to control your emotions, calm down and deal with things. Wise children must be the person who can control their emotions, they can realize that consequences of temper, and consciously control.
the children learned to adjust his emotions, will be very well adapted to a wide range of environments, with good interpersonal skills.


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