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Expectant mothers in the workplace to relax yourself

  the increasingly rapid pace of modern life, the pressure on women is also growing. How to work in competitive environment full of vitality and a cool head, is extremely important for women at work. How to relax? Show you six steps!
quick way to relax:
take a deep breath. Slowly inhale and count, from the, and can be done at your desk. Following this approach can make you turn to relax in different parts of the body, decrease muscle tension. As an example in the arm muscles, clenched fist until the arm muscles to tense and relax. Tense and relax, continue like this until you can easily control the muscles. In order to relax every part of the body's muscles, remember to step by step.
meditation. When you relax your body, it's time to relax your mind. Must note that meditation must concentrate and relax. Just breathe through your nose, keeping a normal frequency. Select a word or phrase that you like, repeat the mantra. Read the lyrics and often rhythmic, coincides with the frequency of breathing. Don't distract or think about other things. When you enter a deep state of meditation, your blood pressure and heart rate will drop, it can make you feel better, thinking more clearly.
ears. This method is similar to meditation is that you can make people feel sensitive, clear thinking. Focus, focus on the matter at hand or work. Themselves out of the trance state as soon as possible. Don't think nothing of or worry about some things that may not happen. Focus can improve work efficiency.
. First of all to close your eyes, relax your body and stop thinking of everything that is not work-related, imagine yourself in a very comfortable environment. For example, you can imagine yourself a blue boat on the calm Lake. Around the mountain stands, shade tree shade. You rowing oars, while listening to the sound of the waves the boat. Birds singing for you, gently the sun shines on you. Studies have shown that imagining yourself in a blue environment helps to relax.
transfer of fatigue. When when you feel weary, may wish to set aside the things work or do some work-related stuff. For example, listen to music, watch a movie, go shopping, or go to a beauty salon. The activities listed above, allows you to quickly return to the vibrant State to return to work.


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