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Prenatal education knowledge

  1. nutrition parenting. To about pregnancy mother of reasonable nutrition, nutrition to full, food to diverse, diet to has law, note intake enough of protein, especially quality protein, as fish, and meat, and egg, and milk class and bean,; increased vitamin and trace elements of intake, more eat some fresh vegetables fruit and the Sesame, and peanut, and walnut, and laver, and seafood, and milk class,, and well food of color, and incense, and taste, increased pregnant women appetite. Reaction particularly serious as a result of pregnancy or other cases of digestive dysfunction, timely treatment and drugs of nutritional supplements to avoid malnutrition of the mother and fetus.
2. Spirit of emotions an unborn baby or prenatal care. So far has not found directly between mother and fetus of neural connections, type and quantity of mother's emotions affect the endocrine directly and effect on the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should pay great attention to the feeling of well-being and mental health. To pay attention to creating a clean environment, improve disciplines, increase the spice of life. Reading, listening to music, enjoying the beauty of nature and elegant works of art, often even look at a beautiful doll head, looking forward to a beautiful child and the future, is a very meaningful thing.
in the mood in an unborn baby, the husband is an important role, not only more attentive and considerate wife, how to comfort his wife, joy and humor, but also arranged his wife's material and spiritual life, walking with his wife, chatting, making her strong spiritual pillar.
3. To avoid undesirable stimulus. To control your sex life during pregnancy, the first 3 months of pregnancy and prenatal 1 month should avoid sexual intercourse. Includes avoiding over exertion and less to public places, to avoid a cold or other viral infection, careful use of drugs and contra-tobacco and alcohol, to avoid long-term computer and television radiation exposure, do not wash hot water bath, apply lipstick, etc. In addition, prenatal care should also be strengthened.


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